The head trainer of Yanga, Angel Miguel Gamond has said that they want three points from Mashujaa FC to continue to guarantee themselves to win the NBC Premier League crown this season. Yanga, who need only 9 points to come titleholders of the Premier League for 30 points, will go down to the colosseum moment at the Lake Tanganyika Stadium to play Mashujaa FC of Kigoma. ” First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to our suckers then in Kigoma, the event we entered moment( history) from the field to the hostel is unthinkable! this shows the extent and love of the suckers for Young Africans SC. ” We’ve prepared well for hereafter’s game( hereafter) and we know it’ll be a delicate game, we need 3 points and I know that Masujaja and they’ve a great need for these points. But for us to be titleholders it’s important to get 3 points in every game we play,” Miguel Gamondi.


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