Simba SC striker Kibu Denis this season has played 19 Premier League matches and managed to score one goal, at that time Saleh Karabaka who is a new signing of Simba SC in the small window, he has played one match [second period only] and scored one goal.
If we judge by statistics, then both have one goal in the Premier League NBCPL. In addition to the Premier League statistics, Kibu Denis has two other goals this season, one in the CAFCL in 10 matches and one in the AFL in 2 matches.
Thus, Kibu has played 31 matches in all competitions and scored 3 goals. On the Karabaka side, he has played 3 matches in all competitions and scored three goals, including the goal that scored the Revolution Cup.
The key point is how the team gains by rotating its squad and giving more opportunities to each player.


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