The Simba Sc club will part with nine stars at the end of this season, including one goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders, two wings and two forwards.
It has been stated that some of the players who will be fired are former players and some of them are registered as such
soon in order to allow others to register to improve the team for the next competition season.
Certain information reached us that the club leaders are already looking for high quality players who will be signed and three names that have been confirmed are on the table for discussion.
The source said about the new coach coming to replace Abdelhak Benchikha, he is in the process while some names are being discussed.
“One of the names discussed recently is Florent Ibenge of Al Hilal of Sudan, despite the existence of other names, regarding Kibu (Dennis), the leadership is aware of the influence from a certain club that wants to sign him.
At the moment, the club’s official offer is being presented, there is a meeting with the star and the officials scheduled for next week to discuss his future, but it is to check with other players whose contracts have expired and been extended,” said the source.
The manager of Simba’s Information and Communication Department, Ahmed Ally said what they are doing now is to keep the best ones with heart
to serve the club.


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